An extension of Hey DAN, Pulse Advisor is a quarterly data set and report. Pulse Advisor is enabled by a consortium of like-minded firms that pool data for analysis by Pulse Advisor’s team of data scientists.

The backbone of Pulse Advisor is salesforce activity logged by members using Hey DAN. The PulseAdvisor data team cleans, aggregates, and analyzes the data to provide member metrics that facilitate benchmarking relative to their peer group.

Each quarter, this information yields powerful insights into salesforce activity and engagement.

How It Works

Interested Hey DAN customers apply to join the Pulse Advisor Consortium

A Pulse Check is performed for new members to assess baseline sales activity
Applicants who meet eligibility criteria are added to the consortium
Data from consortium members is aggregated and processed
Each quarter, members receive an updated report and data set

Datapoints can also be inputted directly into your CRM by Hey DAN

Additional Services

Data Consolidation
You get advisor level data from a variety of sources
Data Consolidation seamlessly consolidates advisor level data from different sources and integrates them into your quarterly data set and CRM giving you one consolidated data set
Consultative Services
Our team of data experts can work with you and your team to develop a customized set of metrics and coach you and your team on how to use them to improve the performance of your salesforce

Our Team

Team Leadership

Tom Yen

Tom Yen is the Product Lead for Pulse Advisor. Prior to Pulse Advisor, Tom was a management consultant at ZS. During his time at ZS, he specialized in sales force deployment and optimization. He received his B.S. in economics from Cornell University.

Aaron Barzilai

Aaron Barzilai is the Data Science Lead for Pulse Advisor. Prior to Pulse Advisor, Aaron was the director of basketball analytics for the Philadelphia 76ers. He has also founded his own consulting company and worked directly for a variety of firms including Capital One. Aaron has a B.S. from MIT and his MS and PhD from Stanford.

Board of Advisors

Dave West

CEO, Civicom

Dave West, founder and CEO of Civicom, was always an innovator and entrepreneur. It started selling pizza in his college dorm on Friday and Saturday evenings and continued even within food behemoth Nestlé. While running the juice company there, Dave championed

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the national launch of Juicy Juice which became a top-five supermarket success of the decade in the late 1980s. And that was the third $150+ million success he pushed through while in brand management at Nestlé. He fought inertia and bureaucracy inside the company and bucked conventional wisdom in the industry. Then he saw an opportunity to create his own juice startup in Russia in the early 90s. When it became apparent that success would require moving his family to Russia, he put entrepreneurial dreams aside and became a partner at a marketing and strategy consulting firm where he conducted 54 projects for 23 companies—large and small—in seven years. After contributing to several very significant new brand successes, a project with Sprint encouraged him to give it another go as an entrepreneur. Civicom’s first commercial product was PlezeCall audio conferencing. Dave’s innovations have included Hey DAN, TranscriptionWing, ListenLink, Secure Conferencing Passkeys, PlezeTrack, KinCall, JournalCall, the Conference Blaster, the PlezeCall dialer page, and the Please.Do, Share-Anything and CiviLink mobile apps. David has also been an innovator in philanthropy with the Feathers Project and BuyForward.org; in offshore outsourcing with TeamSpan; in commercial real estate; in wine and food preparation; and in stone art. He has led Civicom through the acquisition of several companies, and overseen the operational integration of six companies and four international joint ventures. He has an MBA from Harvard.


Kate Zeid

Director, Dial-A-Note

Kate Zeid joined Civicom in 2005 and has been responsible for bringing the premier voice-to-CRM entry tool, Hey DAN, from concept to market. Today, Hey DAN clientele have grown to include major financial institutions, multinational corporations, and small to

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medium businesses both domestic and abroad. The services offered by Hey DAN have also expanded to include expense entry, data management and other administrative activities that bog down client organizations. Outside of the office, Kate can be found hanging out with her family and friends, running, skiing and enjoying the great outdoors.


Tony Busacca

Principal, On Course Advisors

Tony Busacca was at Merrill Lynch for 25 years and concluded his career in September 2006 as Managing Director at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM), Chief Administrative Officer of its Global Propriety Private Client Business.

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During his tenure in Sales Administration, Mr. Busacca was instrumental in the establishment of a partnership between sales, technology, and E-business for the development, funding, and deployment of an Intergraded Sales, Marketing, and Relationship Tracking system (iSmart), which increased the coordination and effectiveness of the sales organization
Following his career at Merrill Lynch- Mr Busacca created Aqueren LLC in October 2006 as a management consulting firm, specializing in the development of growth and distribution strategies for firms within the financial services industry. In March 2009 Mr. Busacca formed On Course Advisors (A Division of Aqueren LLC) as a CRM Advisory and Consulting Firm. OCA was established to administer “The CRM Forum” which has been in existence since 2002. The Mission of the CRM Forum is to bring together business and technology professionals from the asset management industry to exchange views and best practices relating to the usage, implementation and growth of their respective client relationship management applications and processes. The CRM Forum has grown over the last 10 years to include 50 plus asset managers and advisory firms and some 350 individual members.


Hazem Gamal

Sales Enablement Expert

Hazem Gamal is a leader in business operations with a focus on sales and marketing enablement
who has natural instincts to quickly assess complex situations and distill them to their fundamental

[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]His personal style is collaborative: acting in consideration of all stakeholders and working
with diverse teams. He has deep experiences across multiple industries and roles which make him
an ideal candidate to work with organizations as a catalyst to help better align and grow the business.
Most recently Hazem spent more than fifteen years at OppenheimerFunds in a number of different
roles, always as a proven change agent to help define and implement appropriate and necessary
improvements to propel the business. He worked most closely with the sales and marketing divisions
directing their technology needs and adoption, onboarding third-party services, in addition to other
portfolios such as data management, reporting and analytics, business continuity and disaster
recovery, as well as office space management, among other responsibilities.
Initially a hotelier, he was soon pulled from his operational responsibilities at Swissotel to help lead
the management consulting arm where he delivered improvements in guest experiences, employee
satisfaction and bottom line margin growth for the hotel owners in the US, China and Europe in
conjunction with world class consultancies such as McKinsey, Andersen, BCG, and Arthur D Little.


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